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Zebra Top Soprano Uke, Mini Amp & Stand - (Three Set Bundle)

Zebra Top Soprano Uke, Mini Amp & Stand - (Three Set Bundle)

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Flight - Tiny6 Portable Mini Amplifier (Material)
Flight - Ukulele Stand (Colour)

This 3-piece bundle features a DUS320 Ukulele plus a Flight Tiny 6 Amp and Ukulele Stand for an unbeatable value! Enjoy great sound, convenience, and fun with these essential pieces.

Flight DUS320 CEQ SP/ZEB Electro-Acoustic Soprano Ukulele 

Light or dark? Choose both! The DUS320 CEQ is a true all-rounder ukulele. The laminate spruce top and laminate zebrawood sides combine to deliver a sound that is punchy and bright when soloing in the high register and warm and velvety when thoughtfully strumming by the fireplace. Finally, you can have it both ways!

Flight FU-T3 pickup system

A preamplifier/EQ is a device that lets you connect a ukulele to an amplifier. The preamp, not usually installed on sopranos, features a tuner, saving you the headache of remembering where you left your tuner the night before! Most importantly, this small device allows you the freedom to plug in wherever and whenever you like, giving even this smallest of ukes the chance to shine on stage!


  • Body Shape: Soprano (12 frets)
  • Top: Laminate Spruce
  • Back & Side: Laminate Zebrawood
  • Bridge: Walnut


  • Neck: African Okoume
  • Fretboard: Walnut
  • Nut & Saddle: Bone
  • Nut Width: 35mm


  • Position Markers: 5th, 7th and 10th frets.
  • Premium Features: Arched back, Chrome Die-Cast Geared Tuners, Laser Engraved Rosette, Aquila Super Nylgut Strings, Side Dots.

Free padded gigbag and instructional booklet included!


Flight Tiny 6 Ukulele Amplifier


Introducing the Flight Tiny 6 Ukulele Amplifier—essential for electro-acoustic or solid body electric ukulele players! This 6-watt amplifier fits day packs or Flight gig bags, providing up to 5 hours battery life. Choose sleek walnut or maple-effect case casing. Compatible with effects pedals to take your sound to the stage. Also, Bluetooth capabilities let you play along with songs & jam with artists. Experience music anew with the Tiny6!

Black ukulele stand


Flight's black uke stand boasts lightweight aluminum, non-slip feet, cushioned pads, portability and stability. Ideal for travel, it offers a secure spot for comfortable rest and peace of mind. Enjoy music anywhere with its rubber feet and bumpers securely holding your uke.



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