About Mission - #Uketastic -

Uke Tastic's mission is to provide customers with quality ukulele instruments, while supporting key social and environmental issues.

Uke Tastic lifestyle shop is for music lovers, mindfulness geeks and holiday environmental hipsters. 

True Music lover

Can a song lift your mood no matter what state your mind was in? Do you play an instrument and find joy in hanging out with other musically mind people? You're a True music Lover.

Holiday Eco Hipster

Do like the sound of waves,  the sight of a sunset or to feel the sand between your feet? Passionate about social and environmental causes? You're a Holiday Eco Hipster.

Mindfulness Geek

Praying for a better life? A better world? constantly using your abilities to create new things and ways of thinking? You're a mindfulness geek.


Short Biography

Introducing you to Uke Tastic!

Meet Peter Winwood BMus Wolv QTS, a skilled singer-songwriter and certified music educator with a decade of experience in the field. Having spent five years in Devon and the rest of his time in the serene landscapes of rural Staffordshire, England, Peter brings a unique blend of musical expertise and teaching prowess.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your presence here. By delving into further details, you're taking a stride towards becoming an integral part of the uke movement. The Uke Tastic team is excited about the opportunity to handle your new ukulele order and is eagerly looking forward to it.