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We offer a wide range of ukulele instruments, clothing, and uke-themed gifts.

We wish you a warm welcome to our Uke-Tastic-Kingdom

Explore our extensive selection of soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone ukuleles to find the perfect types and size of Uke for you.

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Tenor Ukuleles - Uke Tastic

Tenor Ukuleles

Discover the world of tenor ukuleles at our premier ukulele shop. We... 

  • Five star  rating

    Sarah Jane Short

    Just wanted to say thank you.

    Dolphin Patterned Ukulele 
  • Five star  rating

    Helen Duran

    Absolutely beautiful! We are soooooo impressed! It really does have a beautiful sound!

    The Amber Uke 
  • Five star  rating

    Jacen Bruce

    It was great thanks, a Christmas present for a friend. Cheers 

    The Kanaka Soprano Uke 
  • Five star  rating

    Jack Derry

    Another uke in the collection! Thanks you so much for such a smooth and timely service.

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Flight Art Series Ukuleles

Explore the harmonious convergence of music and visual art with our Flight Ukuleles collection. Each ukulele is a canvas of creativity, featuring meticulously crafted ukulele-printed body art that transcends traditional design. Our Ukulele Art Series offers an array of decorative artwork that brings a distinctive touch to your space.

These unique printed ukuleles are more than instruments; they are expressions of individuality and a celebration of flight. The collection embodies the essence of aviation and creativity, making them exquisite gift ideas for those seeking something truly exceptional. Elevate your home decor with these collectible art pieces that strike a chord between aesthetics and melody.

Whether you're a ukulele enthusiast, an art aficionado, or simply someone who appreciates the extraordinary, our Flight Ukuleles embody the spirit of innovation and beauty. Let your decor take flight as you welcome these exceptional pieces into your world, where every strum resonates with the joy of artistic expression.

Uke Tastic Featured Clothing

A one-of-a-kind compilation of personalised clothing options crafted for avid fans of the ukulele.

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