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The Phantom Uke (Tenor)

The Phantom Uke (Tenor)

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Phantom Electro Ukulele EQ-A (Tenor)


Uncover the Flight Phantom - a tenor scale, all-solid acacia ukulele with a unique slotted headstock and an ebony fretboard. Delight in its transcendent sound, as the Phantom captivates your senses with its enchanting tones. Don't miss the opportunity to experience premium features, such as a pickup, at an unbeatable price.


- Traditional construction combined with modern technology

The Flight Phantom Uke is crafted from premium acacia wood, a material renowned for its rich, vibrant sound. The Royal series utilizes the best-grade acacia wood available to deliver an exceptional sound and appearance.

 - Let's jam!

African Mahogany provides a neck of stability, a warm tone, and a buttery playing experience. Ebony, the dark and dense hardwood considered one of the most luxurious woods globally, graces the fingerboard of Phantom, a ukulele of the highest caliber.

- Achingly perfect

The Phantom showcases an ebony bridge, plus a genuine bone nut with a compensated saddle - a great look and improved tuning with each string set for maximum tone and performance!

- Unstoppable yet powerful

Flight upgraded the Phantom ukulele in mid-2020 to feature the Double C1U active pickup, which skips the need to drill a cavity on the side. With its easy-to-use controls mounted under the sound hole, these new ukuleles sound absolutely amazing - model numbers include an “A” to mark the upgrade! Vendors still have the Phantom models with the passive Artec pickups, but why wait? Get the improved sound now!

- A fresh, new look

Eye-catching and unconventional, The Phantom Uke stands out from the rest of the Royal Series with its striking, modern headstock design. Unparalleled in its uniqueness and style, you won't find an ukulele like this anywhere else!

- Snap up the most superior gig bag!

 This regal Royal Series wouldn't be complete without a dye-casted Burgundy Red gig bag with subtle lavender accents. Its thick 20mm padding provides extra protection for your beloved uke.

Every specification is crucial.

- Body

The Phantom Uke's Tenor body-shape contains 18 frets, while its top, back and sides are all crafted from durable, solid acacia. Its bridge is perfectly-crafted ebony, while the strings feature Japan-sourced fluorocarbon.

- Neck

Experience the unforgettable combination of African Mahogany and Ebony in The Phantom Uke's neck and fretboard! Outfitted with Bone nut and saddle, its 38mm width will fully satisfy all your playing needs.

- Pickup

Experience the power of the Active Double C1U in mid-2020, or go passive with the Artec PP404U before then.

- Other

Offset Position Markers: Uncover pitches from the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 10th, 12th, and 15th frets. Masterful Features: Ebony fretboard, Distinctive headstock, Pin bridge system, Japanese fluorocarbon strings, Deluxe 20mm cushioned gig bag.
Hear the divine sounds of The Phantom Uke with this YouTube clip!

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