Populele U1 Frequently Asked Questions


1.Is there a left-handed version available?
The left-handed version of Populele is not yet available. Updates and news about our products will be posted on banggood.com.
2.Where can I find the list of available songs?
Please click Note to subscribe to us and view the list.
3.Is the app free?
Yes! Not only the App is free, but our constantly updated song library is also free to all Populele users.
4.Does the sound play through a Bluetooth speaker?
Populele is an acoustic ukulele and its sound does not amplify through Bluetooth speaker. However, you may purchase and use a pickup to create a similar effect.
5.Does the app work for Android or iOS?
The Populele App works on both IOS and Android devices.
6.How does the song library work, does it show you the lyrics to sing as you play?
Song Library is a Karaoke-style song learning and recording tool for beginners and advanced players. Songs are categorized by difficulty scale. Recorded playing can be shared through social media.
7.Is populele a real-ukulele without the led?
Yes. Without the app and LED, Populele is still a premium acoustic ukulele with high-quality sound.
8.Why can't I connect to Bluetooth?
-Please make sure that your Populele is turned on. Press and hold the power button for 4-5 seconds to turn on Populele. Please open the App to connect Bluetooth after the blue light on the control box lights up.
-Turn on the Populele and check the battery status. If there's only one LED flashing, you should recharge your Populele.
-Connection of your Populele has to be done within the App. In other words, turning on the Bluetooth on your device alone won’t connect your Populele to your mobile device.
-You may also need to turn on GPS and Location permissions to cooperate with the Bluetooth function.