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Tuning a Baritone Ukulele from DGBE to GCEA Pros and Cons

Can you tune a baritone ukulele from DGBE to gCEA?

I recently did some research for a customer on using reentrant GCEA tuning on a baritone ukulele fitted with Flight DGBE strings. They ordered the Flight NUB310, which before 2021 came standard with nylon strings fit to tune for for gCEA format. However, 2022 onwards models now come with strings tuned for the traditional baritone tuning DGBE (with two nylon wound strings). The customer assumed it was a GCEA tuning. As you can imagine they attempted to tune to GCEA tuning and twang! the G string snapped!

Upon identifying the cause to the issue with a little more investigation. I naturally added this guidance directly to my website to ensure my customers know exactly what they are buying. I was also happy to ensure my customer was sent a spare pair of Aquila GCEA strings, in a bid to get him up and running ASAP!

But when researching other forums and seeking guidance from other professionals. The message given was hazy and gives mixed signals of what you can and can't do with a baritone ukulele strings. I have summarised a few key points below:

Pros and Cons

Tuning a Baritone DGBE to GCEA

- Always buy the correct strings and order yourself Baritone GCEA and do not retune the DGBE strings. 

DGBE gives the optimised tuning for the key of G.

GCEA gives the optimised tuning for the key of C.

Adding tenor strings 

- Tenor GCEA strings are usually 15% shorter and should fit the neck of a baritone, tuning potentially should be dropped a full tone down to f Bb D G to ensure the tension is not too great for your ukulele.

- Gives a rich and fuller sound.

- I would advise buying a Aquila baritone 23U set of ukulele strings specifically with GCEA in mind. Each string has less weight and gauge thickness to suit the longer neck better.

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