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Three reasons to be part of live music

1: Don’t be a couch potato 


Social media has us in a vice. It’s too convenient to sit at home and scroll through the momentous amount of noise that is put In front of us. Meaning we take entertainment for granted and now expect it for free. Like it or not we have become vegetated!


2: Don’t collude with the gnat.  

On average we watch clips for around 20 seconds per clip. Meaning we are one hell of a spontaneous nation! I’ve been working with young people for a while and getting them to finish things or to hold their attention on things they don’t enjoy doing is sooo difficult.  

Start today by watching a local act play a full song. Yes one full song! Not a Zzero Factor shortened rendition to keep the audiences attention. Build back up that inner space of focus and attention to really intensify a stronger connection. As the best performances EVER, are ones where the audience gives just as much as the performer.

3: Sound Quality 


Can we really compare the phone quality speakers for an actual PA system which will have a 15” minimum subwoofer and treble speaker? 

HELL NO, but we do. Tricked into the brains contentment of ‘food is near, I’ve parked my rear. We have no fear.’

Settling for mono convenience over a short stroll to full frequency lane.

A full head blast of music through a decent system will actually do a lot more for your inner vibrations than you can imagine. Yes we vibrate at a frequency and yes, so does music. So feel it’s power flow through you, not just rearranging your face pimples with the contrary.  

The Art of caring 

Remember to heed my advise and start to make the changes you know you want to make. Pick up a guitar, sing a tune, express yourself. Be the ART.

OR check out these videos: 

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